This Popular Idol Reveals He Lost 18lbs In One Month By Using This Extremely Unhealthy Diet

His fans are worried.

Super Junior‘s Yesung recently held a radio interview where he revealed that he was able to lose 8kg (~18lbs) in just one month!


Yesung was never considered heavy. He only had the cutest baby fat cheeks!


But he’s recently become a hot topic among netizens for his drastic weight change. His chubby cheeks disappeared as his jawline was as sharp as a knife!


Yesung revealed that he was able to lose so much weight in such a short period of time because he only ate one meal every two days!

He claims he didn’t like to see himself get fatter so he decided to go on a diet and lose weight for his fans.

I lost 8kgs in one month. I only ate one meal every other day.

I wanted to show a new image for my album. I realized that my jawline was disappearing during my past promotions. I was suddenly determined to not show a lazy side to myself since I even came back from the army.

— Yesung


The extreme diet definitely worked as Yesung’s jawline completely changed.


Although it’s good to see him working hard for his fans, hopefully, he will no longer sacrifice his health for it! You look damn good no matter how much you weigh, Yesung!

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