Superintendent Yoon And Yoo In Suk Are Now Banned From Leaving Korea As Burning Sun Investigation Continues

Both men are suspected of having corruption ties to Seungri.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police have given an update on the Burning Sun case, stating that Superintendent Yoon and Yoo In Suk are now banned from leaving Korea. Superintendent Yoon is under investigation for alleged police corruption which was revealed in the chatroom leaks and Yoo In Suk who is the CEO of Yuri Holdings and Park Han Byul’s husband is under investigation for organising many of the illicit actions mentioned in the chatroom leaks.

Superintendent Yoon’s wife, Chief Superintendent Kim, is in the process of being booked by police for possible corruption ties to Seungri. All of these figures (except Seungri) were present at a golf game in Malaysia along with Choi Jong Hoon, the circumstances surrounding the foreign trip are still being investigated by police.

The specific case which triggered this travel ban is an investigation into “Monkey Museum”, a restaurant that Seungri opened in Gangnam in mid-2016. The restaurant received a sanction and fine for food sanitation violations but investigators now suspect that the incident was covered up due to police bribery. Superintendent Yoon and Yoo In Suk are two key figures in this case which is why they are banned from travelling until investigations conclude.

Source: Naver

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