SuperM’s Baekhyun Exposed That Ten Has A Third Tattoo

Baekhyun doesn’t drop spoilers just for music 😂

During SuperM‘s interview with Apple Music‘s Zane Lowe, the host asked all the members to name an unexpected fact about the member to their left. After Taemin exposed Baekhyun‘s humorous sleeping habits, he decided to reveal something just as interesting about Ten.

Baekhyun mentioned something that many had been wondering about: Ten’s tattoos.

Baekhyun claimed there were three pieces of art on Ten’s frame, “Ten has three paintings on his body.” At first, all of the members went silent as they digested the unexpected announcement.

When they pieced it together and realized Baekhyun had been referring to Ten’s tattoos, they were all impressed by the stealthy reveal. Taeyong made a surprised face while Mark, Taemin, and Ten burst into laughter.

Since most fans have seen only two of Ten’s tattoos, some may be wondering about the third. It turns out that he’d given everyone just a small peek at it.

Besides the tattoos on his chest (seen through the mesh of his shirt below) and right arm, eagle-eyed fans spotted another on his right shoulder during WayV‘s recent performance.

Fans didn’t have to debate for long on whether it was real or not thanks to Baekhyun. See Baekhyun beat Ten to the punch about confirming his third tattoo here.


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