SuperM Reveals The Best Traits About Each Member In A Compliment Battle

Baekhyun is the best leader, according to the members!

SuperM held their online global press conference on 25 September in order to celebrate their first full length album, Super One. The members took some time to share just what they found the most charming about each member.

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NCT‘s Mark shared that he thinks EXO‘s Kai is in fact, one of the most hilarious and funny members! Mark finds it the funniest when he says something comedic with a straight face. He is thankful that they are in the same team as Kai has the ability to make him laugh often. Not surprising, given Kai’s explosive clip on Knowing Bros!

On the other hand, Kai thinks one of Mark’s charming points is his innocence! When they first met, Mark had naturally curly hair without any hair dye in it, giving off a kind impression. However, as Mark is trying all sorts of hair colors recently, such as the shocking neon pink he had for “Tiger Inside”, Kai feels that he matches any color.

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NCT’s Taeyong revealed that he has noticed a particular hobby of SHINee‘s Taemin! Taemin loves to observe the other members. Perhaps it is because of this that he is attentive and helps the members in small ways such as rearranging their outfits or hair. Taeyong also shared that Taemin gives good advice and takes care of him well.

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Taemin touchingly replied that the other members are incredibly busy, and hence he wanted to take care of them more! The others refuted this saying that Taemin is the busiest – fair enough, given his recent solo promotions for “Criminal” as well.

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Taemin praised WayV‘s Ten, saying that he is absolutely bursting with talent and charms! He likened Ten to a cat, often coming up to him, do something cute then suddenly leaving again. Taemin feels as if Ten likes to spend time alone as well.

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Ten returned the compliment, claiming that he learnt a lot from his hyung. According to Ten, Taemin is one that puts in much effort to making sure all the details are perfect, from his clothings to the stage mannerisms.

WayV’s Lucas simply revealed that he loves seeing all the members work hard and be passionate about their promotions. EXO’s Baekhyun, being the leader, shared in detail about the members that had not been mentioned thus far.

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He mentioned that Lucas may be the youngest, but he is manly, trustworthy and loyal. Lucas is also discerning with right or wrong and is fast to pick up on cues. Taeyong on the other hand, is delicate. He loves the color pink, raises fish and loves things with tiny details! Baekhyun shared that the hyungs absolutely need to protect Taeyong!

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Lastly, Mark shared that Baekhyun shows much attention to each and every member, taking care of all of them well. Ten praised Baekhyun for his ability to be able to relate to many people.

SuperM’s first full length album drops 25 September at 1pm KST.

Source: Star Today