SuperM Credits SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man For Their Successful Debut

Taeyong also once picked Lee Soo Man as the person he respects the most!

During the press conference on 25 September for SuperM‘s freshly released album, Super One, the boys reflected on their success with their debut. Their debut mini album, SuperM, was released in October 2019, hitting first place on the Billboard 200 charts.

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When asked about their feelings towards this, the boys humbly credited SM Entertainment‘s founder and ex-CEO, Lee Soo Man! Although Lee Soo Man is no longer active as a CEO of the company, he still holds creative direction and authority, often producing music and concepts for the groups.

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Taeyong revealed that he feels the credit for their successful debut was thanks to the impressive producing by Lee Soo Man. He also shared that as the members had come together from other groups, they had each built up unique experiences and know-hows. These were shared amongst SuperM eventually, resulting in an incomparable synergy.

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Taeyong also praised the strategy that was a combined team, as it creates greater possibilities and buzz. However, the success of their debut was not all rosy! Baekhyun shared that due to this, they faced larger pressure for their new album, Super One.

Super One was released at 1pm KST on 25 September. Check out their music video for “One (Monster & Infinity)” below!

Source: Star News


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