SuperM Fans Grow Extremely Frustrated With Super Junior’s Shindong After The “Tiger Inside” Performance On “THE STAGE”

“He doesn’t have what it takes to be a video director.”

On September 3, the “K-Pop Avengers” group SuperM revealed their first-ever stage performance of their fierce new bop “Tiger Inside” on SM Entertainment‘s THE STAGE series.

SuperM | SM Entertainment

This performance, uploaded on SuperM’s official YouTube channel, is said to have been directed by the group’s sunbae idol Super Junior‘s Shindong.

Super Junior’s Shindong. | @earlyboysd/Instagram

While most sunbae-hoobae interaction in K-Pop is well appreciated, this video unfortunately has driven Korean SuperM fans to be rather upset with the “subpar quality of the video, as a direct result of under-qualified directing“.

The flood of comments under the video came mainly from fans voicing their frustration with the agency pushing Shindong to continue taking charge of his hoobae groups’ THE STAGE video productions.

| SuperM/YouTube
  • “I’m so upset that I can’t help but leave this comment. If this is to give Shindong more money, let him work on Super Junior stuff only. Why is he practicing his hobby on his hoobae‘s stuff? He doesn’t have what it takes to be a video director. Even part-timer editors would do better than this. It’s as if he had no affection for the video. Why would he use unfocused zoom-ins? Why would he cut off some members in full angles? This is so amateur and yet he probably gets paid for every second he spends on it. He should be ashamed to show this to his hoobae groups.”
  • “There is no Asian vibe to this at all. I was really looking forward to this, I’m so sad. What is Shindong doing with these talented boys? I can’t even understand what I watched. ‘Tiger Inside’ has so much potential to go big though. Please bring a professional on board and do this again. The chaotic background and the shaky camerawork gives me motion sickness, seriously. SuperM members must have put in so much time and work into this… Yet to see this as a result? It makes me mad.”
  • “Dude… Like, can you at least get the camera to be parallel? All the members’ heads are cut off at the top and stuff. I don’t know if that’s the new thing or if the director is obsessed with that weird angle… But why? Why would you experiment with SuperM’s work? I honestly can’t tell if this video is really meant to showcase SuperM’s talent — or to boast the video director’s.”
  • “To be honest… This video isn’t doing SuperM any good. It’s such a downgrade that it even has a negative impact on the song. I’m certain that people click to watch the performance and then leave unimpressed because of this directing. I can’t believe they have the audacity to call the group the Avengers or whatever… when they’re pushing out low-quality videos like this. But SM Entertainment probably doesn’t even know what they’re doing wrong… It’s not even Shindong’s fault at this point. It’s all the agency’s fault for putting him in charge.”

Fans have also found THE EDIT‘s “Shindong House Tour” YouTube video — in which Shindong admits to having “no legitimate background” in editing.

Based on this video and THE STAGE video, fans are aggressively arguing that Shindong “must be removed from the position as he does not have the expertise to hold it.”

I’ve never really learned how to do color grading professionally… so I mean, I just do what I think looks good. I don’t know if what I’m doing is correct though.

— Shindong

While SM Entertainment has not responded, fans are relentless in holding the agency accountable for “taking away the opportunity for new fans to fall in love with SuperM’s pure talent and charisma” by “providing an amateur stage performance video to showcase the group.

Watch the full video below:

Source: THEQOO