SuperM’s Kai Was Downright Offended At Mark’s Choice Of Role Model

In Kai’s eyes, Mark said the wrong thing.

SuperM is SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group filled with their stars from SHINee, EXO, and NCT. With their difference in debut plus their formation of a new team, it’s no surprise that they’re both fans of each other and close friends.

They aren’t afraid to joke around as can be seen in the newly released Midterm Exam video on SuperM’s YouTube channel. The members were tasked to guess basic things about each other from their birthdays to their heights and favorite colors.

Though Kai wasn’t fazed by his continuously incorrect answers, there was one point he couldn’t help but become upset. When the question “Who is my role model” was asked by Mark, everyone had a variety of answers, with Ten even claiming, “Your dad!”

The most correct answer, however, was “Justin Bieber” by Taeyong. A chorus of groans were heard due to the series of wrong answers.

Kai in particular was downright offended that the younger idol changed his mind on who is his real role model.

You told me it was me. You whispered your role model is me!

— Kai

Mark could only laugh aloud at Kai’s audacity to actually write down his name on the paper.

He really wrote ‘Kai’!

— Mark

Though the EXO main dancer got this number wrong, he didn’t end up last in the “Mark Midterm Exam”. With his four points, he was somewhere in the middle, proving he knows Mark better than Lucas (3 points) and Taemin (2 points)!

[My score] is not bad. There’s a member who got two points.

— Kai

Check out the full video down below!