NCT’s Taeyong Reveals A New Tattoo That Matches Perfectly With Another

Baekhyun was just as fascinated as fans are.

Over the past year, NCT 127‘s Taeyong has not only debuted his first tattoo but added a couple of others to his growing collection.

In recently released behind-the-scenes clips from SuperM‘s upcoming appearance on Knowing Brothers, eagle-eyed fans spotted an even newer addition.

After Taemin showed a bit of his aegyo and soon experienced embarrassment from having done so, Taeyong stepped in to comfort him. While Taemin laughed and Taeyong helped him return to an upright position, it revealed a view of the latter’s new tattoo on his upper left arm.

Right above his first tattoo that reads “UNDER”, whose other half “STAND” is above the elbow on his right arm, he had a new addition. While it could be mistaken for an umbrella from the quick movement of his arm, it appeared to be a solid dark anchor when taking a closer look.

While fans are always excited to see a new tattoo popping up on Taeyong, they weren’t the only ones who were fascinated by the new addition. In another clip, Baekhyun couldn’t help reaching out and running a finger over the new ink. There’s also a special connection between the new tattoo and his other recent one.

During the group’s reaction to their “100” music video, Taeyong appeared to have a North Star tattooed on his right arm. Since the star could be connected to water and an “anchor” of one’s strength, it fits perfectly that he would tattoo an actual anchor to compliment it.

| SuperM/YouTube

Between “UNDERSTAND,” his dog Ruby, the North Star, and his new anchor, Taeyong has a pretty unique collection of tattoos. Watch the clips to catch a glimpse of them and see Baekhyun checking out the latest addition.