SuperM Releases In-Flight Safety Video With Korean Air, Song Proceeds Donated To Charity

It’s for a great cause.

SuperM has just released their collaboration in-flight safety video with Korean Air, and lucky fans on flight KE621 were the first people in the world to see it!

The in-flight safety video made its debut on flight KE621 from Seoul to Manila, which took off at 7:45 am KST. The in-flight video will be shown on all Korean Air flights for the foreseeable future.

The in-flight safety video is a new and unique twist on the traditional in-flight safety video, and features a brand new song from SuperM. “Let’s Go Everywhere” is a song produced by Kenzie featuring a combination of hip-hop, R&B, electronic, deep house, and synth-pop genres. Making the video even more special, BoA featured as the narrator for the safety video.

“Let’s Go Everywhere” will also be released on Korean and global music sites on November 18, with proceeds from the song donated to Global Citizen’s “Global Poverty Project”, a campaign that seeks to improve the social awareness of poverty around the world.

We tried to break away from the stereotype that ‘safety’ can be very stiff and boring.

We expect that in the long run, the ‘safety’ effect will be maximized as in-flight videos change to a more unconventional music video style.

— Korean Air

Watch the full in-flight safety video below:


And the behind-the-scenes video here:

Source: Newsen