SuperM Shows Their Popularity By Leaping Onto Billboard’s Song Sales Chart

They’re not called the Avengers of K-Pop for no reason.

The Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart is a weekly list of  the top 25 international digital singles that are making the highest sales as of that week in the United States. K-Pop often takes up a good portion of the list, since all of the songs on the chart are international, and the K-Pop music genre has become incredibly popular!

This week, while there are 15 K-Pop songs out of the 25 listed, there is only one that is new this week, but it’s an important debut to note!

SuperM just dropped their new album, Super One, along with the music video for “One (Monster & Infinity)” on September 24. Though the song didn’t reach the top of the chart, it did make its debut at #7 on the list, which is still an impressive number to come onto the chart at!

Just a couple days ago, it was announced that Super One also debuted on the Billboard 200 list at #2, after they sold over 104,000 album units in the first week. This has definitely been a successful comeback for them!

The other K-Pop songs that ranked on the World Digital Song Sales chart this week are also worth noting. Ranked at #1 this week is actually BTS‘s “Filter”, which has spent 30 total weeks on the chart and leaped from its #8 position last week.

At #5 is BLACKPINK‘s highly successful “How You Like That”, which also went up from it’s past week position — #7 — and has spent 14 weeks on the chart since its release.

EVERGLOW dropped slightly in their second week on the chart, with “LA DI DA” going from #5 last week to #8 this week. It’s still great to see this rookie group ranked, though!

BTS ranks again on the list at #9 with “My Time”, and has now spent a total of 30 weeks on the list, up from #12 last week.

Stray Kids‘ new song, “Back Door”, spends its third week on the chart at a respectable #10. It peaked at #2 and was at #6 last week, but it’s still definitely hanging onto the chart well.

BTS’s “Euphoria” has been on the chart for 34 weeks now, and this week ranks at #11, the same as it placed last week. It peaked a while back at #2.

Virtual K-Pop group K/DA‘s newest song, “The Baddest”, spends its fifth week on the chart at #14. It debuted at #1 and has slowly been getting lower on the list since then, but it’s great to see it still charting.

BTS’s major hit “Boy With Luv” continues to keep a rank on this list for the 63rd week, this time coming in at #15. For a song that came out a year and a half ago, this is really impressive!

BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” re-enters the chart this week after not placing last week, now spending its 70th week on the chart at #16.

And yet again, BTS ranks on the list with “Mic Drop” ft. Desiigner. It also re-entered the chart this week, coming in at #17 on its now 124th week on the list. The group’s song “Home” comes in right behind it at #19, now with 5 weeks on the chart.

BLACKPINK makes one more appearance on the chart with “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, which also re-entered the list this week at a respectable #21. Considering how old this song is, with 81 total weeks on the chart, this is still impressive to see.

BTS also makes one more appearance at #23 with “Idol” ft. Nicki Minaj, which has now been on the chart for 56 weeks.

And finally, SHINee‘s Taemin finishes off the chart at #25 with “Criminal”, his latest song that has been on the list for 4 weeks now, which is great for a solo artist.

Congratulations everyone!