Supernova Member Exposed for Meeting Prostitute Following His Positive COVID-19 Test Result

As soon as he was tested positive, his past whereabouts were revealed.

It’s been revealed that Ms. A, who is a prostitute employed at an adult entertainment establishment, was confirmed for COVID-19 after meeting with Supernova‘s Yoonhak.

According to News1’s report, the 27th confirmed case in Seocho-gu, Seoul, Yoonhak, met with the 44th confirmed case, Ms. A back last month.

Ms. A was revealed to be a female employee at the adult entertainment establishment, and after meeting Yoonhak on March 26, she began showing symptoms on March 29, and on April 1, she completed a test for COVID-19.

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She was confirmed for the virus the very next day.

Yoonhak started showing symptoms 3 days after returning from Japan on March 24, and upon being diagnosed with the virus on April 1, he’s been receiving treatment ever since.

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As soon as he tested positive, his whereabouts were revealed, which exposed his meeting with a prostitute in the adult entertainment establishment.

Yoonhak’s agency confirmed that he did indeed meet with Ms. A, but that he didn’t enter, and received no services from her.

It’s true he met with her for just a moment, but he didn’t enter the adult entertainment establishment. He knows Ms. A, so he met with her for just a moment after work.

– Yoonhak’s Agency


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