Suran Clarifies Her Relationship With BTS Suga, After Dating Accusations

Suran explained the ties to BTS’s Suga in her latest Instagram posts.

Suran, after the rumor of her dating BTS‘s Suga, uploaded a long explanation on her Instagram stating the two are not dating.

Fans found several posts on her social media that hinted at BTS’s Suga and grew suspicious the two may be in a relationship.


It began when Suran uploaded a picture of a macaron, captioned “Macarons make my thoughts shiny so I’m having one every day…” This post sparked the dating rumor between Suran and BTS’s Suga because of the word “shiny (윤기)” which happens to be Suga’s real name.

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Fans dug deeper and found pictures of Suran wearing the same shirt as BTS’s Suga and holding a poodle that looks like Suga’s. This led many to believe the two artists were in a relationship.


Suran pointed out the pictures used as alleged proof that she is dating Suga “have completely different meaning from what fans imagined and are completely personal pictures.”

“Hello, this is Suran. First, I’d like to apologize to those who have had their feelings hurt because of me. It was not my intention and I am sincerely sorry. The “shiny” phrase literally meant that the macaron was really glossy and shiny. I took a bite of the macaron and it made me feel so good and happy, that I got a few inspirational ideas in my head. That’s what the phrase meant.

I uploaded the picture of the macaron because a friend of mine had made and sent it to me. I wanted to share how pretty it looked and promote her work. The “S” means Spain. The brown poodle is from a studio where I had a magazine photo shoot.

All the pictures that led to the rumor have completely different meaning from what fans imagined and are completely personal pictures. I do post a lot of abstract images and expressions. I’m shocked and heartbroken at the comments and criticism saying that my way of expressing things is not normal.

I wondered a thousand times over if I should simply get rid of all the uploads. But it is my Instagram page, personal to me. And it’s not like when I uploaded such pictures, I had any wrong intentions. So I decided to leave them as they are, hoping that you’d see the sincerity of it all. I’m just a musician.

I don’t take my job lightly and I didn’t lead an easy life. I only seek to make better music by moving on endlessly. I did work with Suga last year, but there was no more, no less to it. We communicated about the music, that’s it. But no matter what, people continue to misunderstand and this frustrates me. Some time has passed, but I still get so much criticism, hatred, and anger that I didn’t know what to do.

I needed time to think about how to resolve this. 365 days, 24 hours a day. Just because I’m a public figure, I have to keep minding other people’s eyes, control everyone and every instance, and post things in a state of constant nervousness… Maybe I simply won’t be able to do anything. Maybe I’ll have to start watching my music too. Maybe I have to start feeling anxious and worrying about everything.

Thoughts are pouring into my head. Once again, I sincerely apologize. I’m sorry. I’ll try to become a musician who is thoughtful and careful.”


Suran and Suga worked on the track “Wine” together last year. Suga produced the song, which won him the 2017 Melon Music Award‘s Composer of the Year Award. Listen to the track here: