The Suspect In The Inha University Rape Tragedy Has Been Expelled From The School And Is Barred From Re-admission

The suspect is awaiting trial.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content, sexual assault, and violence that may disturb some readers.

There has been an update on the case of the Inha University student who fell to her death after allegedly being raped by a male student.

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According to news reports on September 13, the male student, who is the lone suspect awaiting trial for the rape and murder of the victim, has been expelled from the school.

This comes almost two months after the incident. At the time, the school stated that they would deal with the suspect pending an investigation. The school has also banned the student from re-admission into the school.

On July 15, 2022, South Korea was rocked by the news that a female student at Inha University was found by passers-by on the ground bleeding. The victim was found with her clothes strewn upon the floor a few feet from her. It was revealed that the victim had been bleeding on the floor for an hour and thirty minutes before being found and sent to the hospital, where she passed away three hours later.

A male student in his 20s was arrested after his cell phone was found at the scene. According to reports, the two drank together, and while she was sleeping, he tried to rape her. A struggle ensued, and the victim fell from the third floor of a building. Police are investigating if she had been pushed by the suspect.

Suspect of the Inha University murder | Dailian

At the time of the incident, Koreans were outraged that an incident this vile could have taken place on campus. Inha University vowed to bolster security at the campus by installing more CCTVs and emergency bells in women’s toilets. The school also vowed to install a new entry system where student ID cards would be needed and recorded upon entry.

Source: Dailian