“Suspicious Partner” Actor Dong Ha’s Agency Responds To Bullying Allegations

They will be taking strong legal action.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of bullying that may disturb some readers.

J-Wide Company has stepped up on behalf of their actor, Dong Ha to firmly deny the bullying rumors made against him.

Actor Dong Ha | AND Entertainment

The Homemade Love Story actor was previously accused of being a school bully when a netizen claiming to be a former school mate posted a story onto an online community. The alleged victim shared that it was during their high school days that the bullying occurred. “It seems like he heard that I would be an easy target. I think that’s why he bullied me.” They continued by sharing,

During our second year of high school, Mr. Kim (Dong Ha’s real name is Kim Hyung Kyu) heated up a knife with a lighter and stabbed me in the back of my arm.

It wasn’t just me who endured this, but other victims as well.

— Alleged victim

They also went on to share another specific incident that occurred involving the actor.

There was a time when he called me up onto the rooftop of our school and he choked me until I almost passed out. He also took a chair from our classroom and hit me with it.

— Alleged victim

| Sports Chosun

After these allegations went public, Dong Ha’s agency J-Wide Company made an official statement firmly denying the accusations.

The claims that have been made are not true.

We will be taking legal action and going through appropriate measures against the original commenter for spreading false information. We also plan on taking further action by collecting data to continuously monitor these types of situations.

— J-Wide Company

Source: Insight, Segye Ilbo and Naver
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