Suzy Sets Social Media On Fire With Just A Single Selfie

It’s her first update in September.

Suzy is one of South Korea’s most beloved stars. Known for her timeless, innocent beauty, she has a face that everyone in the nation loves.

Although she is busy with K-Drama shootings such as Everything Will Come True and Doona!, she still found time to update fans with a selfie. This is her first update of September 2023!

| @skuukzky/Instagram

As Suzy mostly posts photos from brand shoots or photos taken by her staff, this is one of the rare moments that fans are treated to a selfie. With her brown locks and peachy, natural makeup, netizens ate the look up.

A Tweet of the selfie quickly went viral, amassing over 523,000 views (at time of writing) in half a day. Netizens couldn’t help but agree that Suzy’s beauty is definitely one for the generations.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • No, but I can’t not leave a comment… She’s just so ideally innocently pretty.
  • I came back to see this for the third time…
  • Wow, insane.
  • She’s really soooo pretty.
  • How can a human look like that.
  • I was super shocked after seeing Instagram. As expected, the reactions to it are good, LOL.
  • No, but how can a person look this innocent and fresh? I love brown-haired Suzy.
  • World, are you watching?
  • Wow… She’s so pretty. I’m also jealous of her thick hair.

She’s Bae Suzy for a reason! Suzy has been dominating popularity in beauty in South Korea since her debut days in 2010.

Source: Theqoo