Suzy And BLACKPINK Snap Photos With Dua Lipa Backstage

Dua Lipa has some very famous fans!

Dua Lipa has a pretty amazing fanbase, but at her most recent concert, a few K-Pop idol fans attended her concert and were able to snap some photos with her backstage.


BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Lisa were the first to capture their meeting with the talented singer-songwriter.


Then Suzy posted her selfie, surrounded by hearts to show how much of a fan she is!

It turns out Suzy is another big fan!


When the pictures of the idols meeting Dua Lipa first went up, many fans were hoping that it meant there was going to be a collaboration between the artists.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa were spotted among the crowd at the performance.


While there is no denying that would be awesome, it’s more likely the idols were just there as fans to support their favorite singer.

Just being one with the crowd means they were there to simply appreciate the music!


This is doubly more likely since Suzy was hidden away in the crowd and ended up posting her own fan sign!


Suzy also posted another photo of her signed Dua Lipa CD, proving she’s a fan.


Our favorite idols can be fangirls just like us!

Source: @DUALIPA and @skuukzky