Suzy’s Dainty Neck Tattoo Makes A Rare Appearance In Her New Instagram Upload

This is 1 of her 2 tattoos!

Actress Suzy just uploaded some new photos on her Instagram page and fans are going wild.

| @skuukzy/Instagram

Suzy shared photos of her upcoming campaign with cosmetic brand, Lancôme and her timeless beauty was showcased, once again in the series of breathtaking photos.

| Lancôme

The gorgeous smoky eye make-up and subtle pink lip color accentuated the beauty that Suzy already encompasses. Her visuals, however, was surprisingly not the talk of the town this time around. This time, fans couldn’t take their eyes away from the Start-Up actress’s adorable neck tattoo!

| Lancôme

With her hair pulled up into a bun and away from her face, fans can easily see the dainty little tattoo that is featured on the nape of her neck. Her adorable tattoo features a cross that’s perched above a heart, with the bottom of the cross rooting into the heart.

| Lancôme

Here is a closer look.

This is actually not the actress’s only tattoo. Suzy must have an affinity for the heart symbol, as the former girl group member has an outline of a heart tattooed on the underside of her left ring finger.

We are obsessed with both of her tattoos! While Suzy may not have any upcoming promotions that we know of, we are grateful for her constant Instagram uploads that keep us in the loop.

Source: WikiTree and theqoo


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