Suzy Sparks Diet Rumors After Appearing At A Recent Event Looking Different Than Before

Does she look different?

Suzy recently made a public appearance for her upcoming movie, titled “Mt. Baekdu”.


She graced the stage in an elegant navy dress and her signature simple makeup look.


And netizens noticed something different about her visuals. They claimed she looked thinner than before.


Just a few months ago during her press conference for Vagabond, Suzy looked a teeny, tiny bit fuller yet as healthy and gorgeous as ever!


The difference was so minuscule, yet K-Netizens quickly noticed the difference.


Regardless if she lost weight or not, they praised her for her never-ending beauty! They agreed that she looked beautiful no matter how much she weighed.

“Wow amazing look at her smile”

“Suzy is always pretty. Her beauty upgraded with black hair too”

“Is Suzy’s visuals for real? She’s f*cking beautiful”

“Suzy is really so pretty, she donates frequently, and acts so well. I’m in love”

— K-Netizens


But some netizens pointed out that the reporters are taking it too far by writing about ever small change in Suzy’s weight.

“If they even look a bit puffier, people criticize them. That’s why the celebrities are so stressed. They’re all skinny when you meet them in real life”

“Suzy has always been thin..”

“It looks like she just changed her makeup a bit. She’s still the same since her debut days”

“The reporters are the problem. They create titles that invite malicious comments.”

— K-Netizens


No matter if Suzy feels like being rounder or thinner or whatever else she may feel…


No one can deny that Queen Suzy is most beautiful whenever she’s just being herself!


Check out the trailer for her upcoming movie below:

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