Suzy Gifts Dancers And Concert Staff With Dior Wallets, Jewelry And More After “A Tempo”

As kind as she is pretty!

Singer Suzy recently concluded her free fan concert, A Tempo, recently. Not only were fans amazed at her unchanging beauty from debut to now as she danced to a medley of Miss A hit songs, they were also blown away by her generosity.

Suzy gifted her dance and music team with various luxury goods from Dior, a brand she is the muse for. Her dance team, including @hyunsepark, @bell_ujin, @wonahyeon, @uriyull, @jayb_song and @diakang__ posted the luxury goods on their various Instagram stories.

| @uriyull/Instagram

From the huge amount of Dior bags, Suzy definitely spent a bomb on these gifts.

From mens’ wallets…

…which she made sure to give to her live band in addition to the dancers…

…to lovely J’ADIOR chokers.

Suzy’s kind heart cannot be measured in money, but the gesture was a sweet one that touched the recipients.

She even gifted a card wallet double set to a lucky staff.

An expensive jewelry set was also gifted.

So many bags!

Of course, more than anything, the staff truly appreciated Suzy’s great character and humble attitude.

What’s not to love about Suzy?


Source: pann