Suzy Cast In Popular Webtoon Adaptation “The Girl Downstairs”

Finally, a new drama from Suzy!

After a long acting hiatus of around 2 years, Suzy is back with a new work. The last drama she starred in was Start-up in 2020. This time, she will star in webtoon adaptation, The Girl Downstairs (working title).

The literal title of the drama in Korean is simply, Lee Doona! after the main character. However, the webtoon title has been translated into The Girl Downstairs by Naver webtoons. The title has been picked up by Netflix as their next original.

| Naver Webtoons

About a retired idol, Lee Doona, she moves into a sharehouse. A sharehouse is basically what Koreans call room rent. She moves in below college freshman Lee Wonjun. Although he tries to avoid her at first, he slowly grows interested in her mysterious life.

As a popular webtoon, everyone was wondering who would be able to pull off the eccentric yet gorgeous Lee Doona.

| Naver Webtoons

According to an industry insider to Sports Chosun, Suzy is set to play the titular character, Lee Doona. Her agency however, has responded that she has received the casting and is considering. Her co-star has not yet been decided upon.

Source: Star Today