Suzy and Lee Je Hoon Go Viral For Their “Flirty” Interaction At The “2023 Baeksang Art Awards”

It’s been eleven years since “Architecture 101!”

For K-Drama and K-movie fans, one of the most memorable couples from the last few years was Suzy and actor Lee Je Hoon in the movie Architecture 101. 

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The two played the younger version of the main couple, a pair of students who met in an architecture class and impressed netizens with their ability to act well despite the ten-year age gap. This role earned Suzy the title of the “Nation’s First Love.”

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| Lotte Entertainment

Fans of the two actors have hoped for interactions between them on and off screen, but their careers have not intersected again. As of late, Lee Je Hoon has attracted attention for his role in Taxi Driver 2. 


Fans have finally gotten a new interaction from the two, and caused it to go viral!

On April 28 (KST), the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards took place, honoring the best of the best in the entertainment industry. Suzy, one of the event hosts, attracted attention from the moment she arrived on the red carpet.

Lee Je Hoon also attended to present one of the night’s awards alongside Taiwan actor Greg Hsu.

While they were presenting, the night’s hosts stood to the side to observe the show. Lee Je Hoon couldn’t help but initiate a small conversation with Suzy while speaking! The actor turns to face her before saying, “Suzy-ssi, it’s been a long time.

When he says her name, Suzy looks towards him, smiling and waving before replying, “Oppa, you’ve been well, right?

Though short, this “flirty” interaction between the two quickly went viral after being shared online. As of this article, multiple clips of the moment have over 500 thousand views on TikTok alone, and several on Twitter have hit 200 thousand views.

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Fans have loved this moment and hope 2023 brings them a reunion on screen!

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