Suzy Revealed What She Thinks Of Lee Seung Gi, And Her Savage Answer Had Everyone In Splits

Savage Suzy is hilarious!

Suzy was asked what she thinks about Lee Seung Gi, and her answer had everyone in splits!


In a recent episode of Masters In The House, newly joined cast member Yoo Su Bin was filmed in his house for his first-ever episode on the show, showing a bit of his daily life to viewers! As he relaxed in his house, he made a phone call to a certain “Boss Bae”, leaving the cast members to wonder who it was!

It was soon revealed to be Suzy, who previously appeared in the K-Drama Start-Up alongside Yoo Su Bin! Ever since the two appeared in the same drama, they’ve stayed close—close enough for him to call her on the show!

Oh, it’s Suzy!


During the call, Yoo Su Bin asked Suzy about Lee Seung Gi, who she had worked with in the K-Drama Vagabond, and asked her about what kind of person he was.

You worked with Seung Gi, right? Since you’re close, I wanted to ask what kind of person he is. Tell me honestly.

—Yoo Su Bin

With Lee Seung Gi on edge, Suzy gave her honest answer, hilariously exposing him as someone who loves praises and compliments, bringing laughter to the entire studio!

Seung Gi really loves getting compliments!


All the cast members laughed and agreed with her accurate answer about Lee Seung Gi’s personality! Yang Se Hyun then commented,

Everyone likes compliments, but he especially likes them.

—Yang Se Hyun

We stan a savage queen!

Source: Image and Youtube