Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, And More Confirmed For tvN’s New Korean Tech Drama

Are you ready for the visuals?

Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na are confirmed to be the main cast for tvN’s new silicon valley themed drama.

tvN’s new weekend drama Startup has confirmed its main cast, which will consist of Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na. The drama is set to begin in October. The drama will show the beginnings (the START) and the growth (the UP) of Korean youth who have joined startup companies, dreaming of success in Korea’s silicon valley. Even though they are exhausted, their brilliance will shine through the challenges they face, their growth, and the romance between them.

Startup is a drama directed by Oh Chung Hwan, who worked on Hotel Del Luna. It will be written by Park Hye Ran, who wrote Pinocchio and I Can Hear Your Voice. The two will also reunite for the first time since While You Were Sleeping.

Suzy will play the role of Seo Dalmi, a young woman who has dreams of becoming the Korean Steve Jobs. She doesn’t have much, but she is determined, so she has her dream of reversing her life. She is a person with a wealth of part-time work experience, which she will use to try and overcome the hardships of living by herself.

Nam Joo Hyuk will play the role of Nam Do San, the founder of Samsan Tech. He was once the pride of his family as a math genius, but now he is on the verge of becoming a disgrace, as he has been losing investment money for two consecutive years. He ends up remembering Seo Dalmi’s first love crush on him, and decides to create a startup company in order to try and turn it into reality.

Kim Seon Ho will play the role of Han Ji Pyung, a team leader at SH Venture Capital. He started the company to try and pay off his debts. With his exceptional investment skills and sharp tongue, he earned the nickname of “Investment’s Gordon Ramsay”. While he is usually a cold person, there is one special person he is warm hearted to.

Finally, Kang Han Na will play the role of Won In Jae. She is a CEO and has everything society looks for: good education, beauty, and money. However, she thinks her background as a chaebol daughter is a weakness for her, and she does whatever she can to try and succeed on her own. In the end, she is taken advantage of by her father and kicked out, and to try and prevent further damage, she joins a startup company.


Source: Xportnews