Suzy Shocks Netizens With Her Natural And Barefaced Visuals In Recent Vlog

She could’ve walked a red carpet with no makeup and still shone!

Suzy has shocked netizens after showcasing her barefaced visuals in all its glory in a new YouTube video.

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

Since debuting as an idol in Miss A and becoming an actress, Suzy has always shined with her visuals, both during schedules and when she isn’t wearing any makeup.

| @skuukzky/Instagram
| @skuukzky/Instagram
| @skuukzky/Instagram

Suzy recently released a new video on YouTube with snippets from all of her recent activities. Amidst all the videos of Suzy’s schedules, the actress shocked fans when she showcased her barefaced visuals even more.

Netizens got a glimpse of Suzy’s barefaced visuals when she put a small clip of her eating in the hotel. With her perfect bangs and bare face, Suzy truly looked like someone out of a Hollywood movie.

As part of the video, Suzy showed the process of getting ready for an event, including getting her hair and makeup done.

While it would be easy to show the process midway, Suzy showcased the full process and included the minute she stepped out of the shower and shook out her wet hair.

Even as netizens watched Suzy’s hair transform into something ready for any schedule, the actress looked ready to leave without any makeup. Suzy also zoomed in the camera to her beautiful face to show she wasn’t afraid to showcase her barefaced visuals to fans.

The staff made sure to prep Suzy’s skin for the makeup, and it felt like the star was already ready to go as they wiped her skin.

Even as Suzy’s transformation continued, and she even helped, it seemed like there wasn’t much of a difference. Suzy still looked beautiful and her visuals shined as she finally showed her final look for the event.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t stop gushing over Suzy’s natural beauty. While the actress has always been praised for her visuals, there is something rare about seeing stars without makeup, and the fact she’s just as beautiful is truly special.

As always, Suzy continues to showcase her unaging and effortless visuals. While most stars always want to show themselves all dressed up for events, Suzy wasn’t afraid to show herself without all the glitz and glamor but still look gorgeous.

Source: suzy/youtube