Suzy’s Visual Shines At Press Conference For Her Latest Drama, “Anna”

She plays a character with Ripley’s Syndrome.

Suzy will soon be starring in the upcoming K-Drama, Anna. As her first drama role in 2 years since Start-up, fans are looking forward to it eagerly.

Suzy in Anna. | Coupang Play

Suzy’s visuals shone at the press conference for Anna on June 21, 2011.

She wore a high-necked, long, cornflower blue dress.

Even in the simple outfit, her beauty was unparalled. Here’s her next to gorgeous co-star, Jung Eun Chae.

Suzy will be playing the titular role of Anna. Originally born as Yu Mi, our main character struggled all her life. Working under Hyun Joo, the daughter of a wealthy family who owns a gallery, Yu Mi is looked down upon by the snobby Hyun Joo. Things kick into gear when Anna tells a small lie.

L to R: Jung Eun Chae, Suzy, Kim Joon Han, Park Ye Young. | Star News

She soon takes on the new identity of Anna and undergoes a total transformation. Although she’s newly ambitious, classy, rich, and elegant, even marrying a CEO of a venture company, the lines between her lie and the truth blur.

Anna shows signs of Ripley Syndrome, when someone confuses the lie for a truth and begins to believe they are someone they are not.

Anna will do anything to keep her secret and new life. What happens when death, murder and danger comes into play?

We absolutely can’t wait for Anna to air.

Check out the dramatic trailer below. Anna airs on June 24, 2022, on Coupang Play.