Suzy’s Recent Airport Photos Have Netizens Claiming That She Gained Weight

Here are comparison photos.

Suzy was recently spotted at the airport heading out for her flight. She looked adorable yet girly with an edge in her full black outfit and intricate cross-body bag.

suzy cheek fat 4

As she posed for the camera, the press and the netizens began to point out something different about her.

suzy cheek fat 2

They claimed that she gained weight since she was last seen in public.

suzy cheek fat 5

Compared to before, Suzy’s cheeks looked fuller, giving her a healthier glow!

suzy cheek fat 4


But overall, she barely looked any different from past photos!

suzy weight gain 2019

Whether she gained weight or not, netizens couldn’t get over how pretty she was no matter how much she weighed!

suzy weight gain 2019 netizen

But who can deny that Queen Suzy looks good no matter what decides to do with her look?!

suzy cheek fat 6

Source: MK Sports
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