Suzy Will Make Her Singing Comeback After 4 Years Away From The Scene

Suzy the singer is finally back!

Suzy will be making her comeback as an artist for the first time in four years with her new digital single “Satellite”.

Management SOOP released the details for Suzy’s comeback single “Satellite”, which will be a song that showcases Suzy’s vocals, different from her previous songs. She participated as a lyricist for the song, and her lyrics express her longing for something that is unreachable and express her unwavering feelings.

The song was created with the idea of British Pop sounds in mind, and was produced by Kang Hyun Min, who previously was a part of two Korean bands.

Management SOOP also shared the first teaser of Suzy’s single, showing Suzy with a more melancholy expression as she stares into the background.

Suzy’s “Satellite” will be released on February 17.

Source: Joy News 24