“Sweet Home” Actor Song Kang To Make His Next Move, Starring As A Ballerino In Upcoming Drama “Navillera”

Here’s what we know.

Actor Song Kang showed just how versatile he can be, through roles in Love Alarm and Sweet Home. In Love Alarm, he acted as an immature yet charming and devoted high school student in love, while in Sweet Home, he battled his inner demons as a depressed recluse.

Next up for him, is the role of a ballerino in tvN‘s upcoming drama, Navillera. A touching story between a 23 year old student that is lost while trying to find his own dreams and a 70 year old man that takes up an old one, Song Kang stars as the young aspiring ballerino, Lee Chae Rok.

Chae Rok’s mother, who passed away when he was young, was a ballerina, inspiring him to take up the hobby. Due to tough times financially and an estranged relationship with his father, he is close to giving up on the dream. On the other hand, the 70 year old Sim Deok Chul once gave up his dream of ballet to support his family. Now at 70, he takes up ballet again.

Stay tuned for more on the talented actor.