Swing Entertainment Apologizes For Manager’s Violence Towards Fans, Netizens Still Furious

“Wanna One’s managers are f*cking ridiculous.”

A video of a Wanna One manager violently shoving a fan at the airport has been going viral and angering netizens.


The video in question shows the fan nearly flying across the floor after a Wanna One manager shoves the fan away with more force than necessary.


Other videos have also shown Wanna One managers using more force than necessary on fans.


Wanna One’s agency, Swing Entertainment, has since released an apology through Wanna One’s official Twitter account for the managers’ behavior.


This is Swing Entertainment.

In relation to the controversial video that has been brought up recently, we apologize for causing worry.

The video was filmed on the 28th at the airport on the way to Thailand and the man in question is indeed a manager of our company.

The manager has seen the video and is deeply reflecting upon his excessive behavior. Disciplinary action will be taken as well.

We are deeply sorry to the fan in the video for the incident, which should not have occurred in any instance, and bow our heads in apology to all fans for causing trouble.

We will do our best to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future through more thorough training.

Once again, we apologize to our fans who support Wanna One and will become a more diligent Swing Entertainment.


Despite the apology, netizens continue to express their anger towards the carelessness of the agency’s managers.


In fact, this was not the first time netizens were enraged at the employees of the agency. Other instances of managers being rude have previously made fans furious.

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Source: Busan Ilbo