Wanna One Fans Stand Together Against A Manager They Believe Is Actually A Park Jihoon Sasaeng

Fans are outraged at her behavior towards Wanna One fans.

A Wanna One manager has been the center of criticism among Wanna One fans who are standing together against her rude behavior.


A fan who attended Wanna One’s recent Shinhan Bank fan sign event has shared the story of how she was treated by this manager when she came to Park Jihoon’s table. Firstly, the manager had taken the fan’s phone without her permission and started looking through it while she was getting Park Jihoon’s signature.


Moreover, when Park Jihoon was looking at the gift the fan had prepared, the manager ripped it out of his hands and gave it back to the fan.


The fan explained that the other staff members politely asked fans not to give or do things that were not allowed at the event, but the particular manager alone had a scowl on her face and was extremely rude.


After seeing the post, another fan shared her story as well claiming that the manager had taken her phone too and kept interrupting the short time she had with Park Jihoon.


According to fans, this was not the first time this particular manager was unnecessarily rude to fans. At another fan sign event, the manager had apparently taken away all the fans’ gifts and continued to frown, making fans uncomfortable. Moreover, she even snatched the autograph sheet from Park Jihoon and handed it over to a fan without any permission and as a result, the fan was left with a smudged autograph.


A list of other reasons has left fans to believe that the manager had taken on the job as a Wanna One fan.

  • “At the Shinhan Bank fan sign event, 25 Park Jihoon fans weren’t able to give their post-it questions because she didn’t properly read the event details and she didn’t allow them to hold his hand when it was a fan sign event. She also took fans’ phones without permission and looked through them.”
  • “Throughout the fan sign event whether or not the Wanna One members were talking to fans or not, she kept talking to the members, burst out in laughter and then turned around trying to hold it in.”
  • “The person who became a big issue at Chicago for taking pictures of the fans’ faces was this manager.”
  • “She kept going in and out of the concert arena with an artist patch at San Jose.”
  • “She was seen with the members on the streets when she’s supposed to be a ‘fan manager’. She follows the members when they go shopping.”
  • “When she sees fans at broadcast recordings, she looks at them with a frown as if she’s looking at bugs and makes it clear she’s annoyed. She treats fans like they’re below her.”
  • “She checks the faces of all Wannables that attend the pre-recording and demands their ID card. If they look a little different from the photo, she asks for their personal information (bank info) and in some severe cases, even asks for their passport.”


Meanwhile, fans continue to criticize Wanna One’s management for hiring the wrong people and not doing their job correctly.

“What is up with all the Wanna One employees? They announced that Eun Joo was no longer there and yet she continues to show up. The fan manager is consistently being criticized and there have been requests for feedback since Wanna One’s debut and there is almost no progress at all. No wonder they’re always criticized for not doing their job right. They bring it upon themselves.”


Another Wanna One manager, who is known as Kim Eun Ju, had also caused an outrage among fans in the past for leaking information.

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Source: Pann Nate and Pann Nate