Fans outraged over messages between Wanna One manager and sasaeng, YMC denies allegations

A Wanna One sasaeng was allegedly gaining private information from a YMC Entertainment staff member.

Screenshots of their KakaoTalk conversations emerged, showing that the YMC staff member was sharing Wanna One’s private schedules with her.

@ppforwoojin1102: Unni unni does Woojin know my name?
Kim Eun Joo: Yeah I asked him ‘Do you know pp nuna?’ and he said ‘Yeah I know’~~
@ppforwoojin1102: ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Kim Eun Joo: Wow~~”

@ppforwoojin1102: Unni, do u buy coffee fansign? 10/22? 10/21
Kim Eun Joo: 10/21 Cold Blue fan sign ~ ^^ I bought coffee to be entered in the raffle.. Did you enter?
@ppforwoojin1102: Yes. Unni how many coffee u buy?
Kim Eun Joo: ㅋㅋㅋ I entered [censored] I bought [censored] coffeeㅜㅜ How many did you buy?

She was also allegedly one of the fans who boarded the same flight as the Wanna One members on their way to KCON LA. 

@9023_S2_0128: Oh VV (Guanlin fanpage) was trying to get on the same plane but she couldn’t, so she gave the gift to PP (ppforwoojin1102) and she gave it to them inside the plane..? Lost for words ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@saew_0102: Are you for real?
@9023_S2_0128: Yeah, I don’t think VV was able to go to KCON LA because she couldn’t get a visa, so she gave it to them instead but Guanlin got angry ㅜ and told her not to do that”

Wanna One fans are completely outraged, as they’ve been asking YMC Entertainment to double down on sasaengs for a long time.

The sasaeng in question goes by the username @ppforwoojin1102, and the YMC staff member is allegedly named Kim Eun Joo.

When Wanna One fans confronted YMC Entertainment about this issue, however, they denied everything.

“The person in question did not personally contact any Wanna One fans.”

— YMC Entertainment

They claimed that there was no such employee or staff member named Kim Eun Joo working for the agency.

The person in the screenshots of the mobile messenger chats has no relation to our employees, and there are no Wanna One staff or fan staff members with that name.”

— YMC Entertainment

YMC Entertainment also announced that anyone who leaves malicious comments about Kim Eun Joo will be legally dealt with.

“Furthermore, there have been groundless posts about the issue at hand, simply because there is a fan with the same name, and there are many people who found our staff’s personal social media sites that are sending malicious comments or messages.

If this continues after this announcement has been made, we will be taking legal action against them for defamation. Please stop sending malicious and harsh comments.”

— YMC Entertainment

Shortly after, @ppforwoojin102 also uploaded an explanation claiming that Kim Eun Joo was her friend who shared the same name as the YMC staff member.

“The person known as the YMC staff member Kim Eun Joo is not my friend. I never asked YMC staff to ask Woojin if he knew me. My friend’s name is also Eun Joo.

My friend was really excited about the fan signing event so I asked her to ask him if he knew me. It’s a misunderstanding that arose due to the fact that their names are the same.

Please do not diss me about something that hasn’t been confirmed.”

— @ppforwoojin1102

Fans, however, soon compiled evidence that showed there was indeed an employee at YMC Entertainment named Kim Eun Joo.

For example, in a past episode of One Night Food Trip, Ailee, who’s also with YMC Entertainment, went on a trip with her agency staff member, Kim Eun Joo.

The Kim Eun Joo in the video looks exactly like the official Wanna One staff member accused of communicating with the sasaeng.

On top of that, they also found an album cover from YMC Entertainment that clearly marked Kim Eun Joo as an employee in planning and marketing. 

Image Source: @manduchn

Fans also found it strange that YMC Entertainment threatened to take legal action against the defamation of someone named Kim Eun Joo if she wasn’t an employee there.

Fans are still confused, but their ambition to fortify Wanna One’s security against sasaengs is stronger than ever.

This isn’t the only time Wanna One has been inconvenienced with sasaengs.

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Source: Dispatch, Pann, @ppforwoojin1102, and Xports News