Swings Responds To Accusations That He Copied WINNER Song Mino’s Album Cover

“I know it looks awfully similar, but…”

Rapper, Swings just released his book, “HEAT”, which contains his life story, but it was accused of copying WINNER‘s Song Mino‘s album cover for “TAKE” almost immediately after its release.

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

Not only are both covers a similar shade of orange, but the font is similar as well as the design around their names.

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

In response to the criticism, Swings stressed that it was 100% a coincidence.

Song Mino’s album cover and my book cover look very similar. But this is 100% a coincidence. I brought information from the publisher, so please check my story.

— Swings

In Swings’ Instagram story, the designer of the cover explained what led him to decide on the theme.

The title, ‘Heat’ and the orange background which made for a simple cover was discussed from the planning stages. Orange is powerful and passionate, but it’s less direct and more refined than red, so I thought it suited the direction of my book.

— Designer

| @itsjustswings/Instagram

The designer went on to share that he never saw Song Mino’s album cover during the process, but that if he had, he still wouldn’t have changed anything.

We sent the file over to printing on November 4, and we hadn’t seen Song Mino’s album cover until the 6th when we did the inspection. But even if we had seen it, we would’ve gone through with it without editing.

— Designer

While the designer questioned if copying someone as famous as Song Mino would’ve benefited them in any way and expressed his sympathy towards Swings for the hate he receives no matter what.

Would we have lost more or won more by copying? It’s the cover that resulted from 2 years of work from a rapper that says, ‘I get cursed out just for breathing.’  Would he have gained anything by copying Song Mino, who’s that famous?

— Designer

| @realllllmino/Instagram
Source: Dispatch