Swings officially enlists in the military

True to his word, rapper Swings has officially enlisted into the South Korean military, devastating fans with reality of his previous announcement of a 2-year long hiatus.

On November 25th, Swings announced his military enlistment by posting a message on his Facebook saying, “It’s the perfect day to go to the army.” This casual way of updating fans of  his enlistment was then followed by a few more sentimental words saying, “I’m in the car, on my way to greet my parents and grandparents farewell. Please take care of Vasco, Genius NochangGiriboy, Daewoong (BlackNut), Strawberry (Cjamm), Ook, Sung Young, Narae, Jinho, Hyun Gyeong, Hoyeon, SQ, and the upcoming new member of Just Music Entertainment. They are all people who are better than me. I’m sorry to those I could not say goodbye to. I truly feel that for the past 2 weeks, every day felt like 10 minutes.” 

This has stirred worry and confusion amongst fans, who have been looking forward to new musical material from the rapper. To this, Swings sent a message of reassurance and comfort, saying, “My third album Vintage Swings was one that I anticipated for a long time. Please let it age and get richer, the way that wine does. I love you. I’ll come back with a slimmer physique.”

And so, Swings joins the mass of extremely talented musicians leaving for the next two years in order to provide their service for their nation. He unfortunately did not make it into KATSUA, but his enthusiasm and willingness to partake in military service despite exemption is worth being praised for. However, fans need not worry, as his latest single “Be Right Back” promises exactly what the title suggests and serves as enough of a gift to last fans 2 years.

Source: TV Daily and Segye Ilbo