BTS Interviewer Syke Called ARMY “Insane”, And Nobody Is Having It

The interview has received mixed reactions from BTS’s “insane” ARMY.

A new BTS interview with radio personality Syke (@SykeOnAir) is receiving mixed reactions from fans.

In this interview, recorded on February 21, BTS were asked about the story behind their new album, Map of the Soul: 7, their tour plans, future goals, current favorite artists, and more.

On February 29, Syke of Syke & MJ in the Morning began receiving criticism for his Twitter interactions with ARMY.

The majority of these interactions took place in the comment section of this teaser post.

Many Twitter users felt that Syke’s online responses to them were unprofessional.

In addition to his teaser post, Syke also received backlash for posting a photo of hair (not BTS’s) as a “joke” that pokes full at “crazy fanbases”.

In western media, ARMY has often been stereotyped as obsessive, crazy fangirls. Unsurprisingly, ARMYs (and K-Pop fans in general) are tired of being portrayed this way, which is why many were not happy with Syke’s comment about them in his interview.

“Let’s talk about the BTS ARMY,” Syke said. “These fans, you guys know, they’re pretty…insane.” According to these Twitter users, BTS’s reactions reflect ARMY’s own feelings on the subject.

Although Syke is not the first interviewer to misrepresent the special bond between BTS and ARMY,  fans are hoping that future interviewers will take time to get to know their fandom better.