T-ARA Loves Their Fans So Much, They Used Their Own Money To Fund Their Recent Comeback

They also had no support from an entertainment company.

Veteran girl group T-ARA recently made their highly anticipated return after a long 4-year hiatus, exciting all of their fans. With their comeback track “TIKI TAKA,” the girl group stunned the public with their unchanging visuals and vocals.

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Their album Re:T-ARA consists of just two tracks—”TIKI TAKA” and “All Kill”—which are both dedicated to their longtime fans who have been with them for the past 13 years.

T-ARA’s album “Re:T-ARA” | Dingo Music

In light of the girl group’s burning desire to stand on stage before their fans, it was belatedly revealed that the 4 ladies of T-ARA funded this comeback—with their own personal money. Member Jiyeon revealed the details in a tweet when she shared the announcement about the group’s comeback.

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As if that weren’t impressive all on its own, it was further revealed that T-ARA made this comeback come to life without the support of an agency. Jiyeon shared that the members personally took part in every step of their comeback, including the songwriting and the styling—all without the help of an entertainment label.

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We cannot even begin to imagine how much work goes into album preparations, let alone a comeback that doesn’t have the support of an entertainment label. So kudos to the 4 members of T-ARA for their successful comeback!

Be sure to check out the music video for T-ARA’s comeback track “TIKI TAKA” down below.

Source: Huffington Post Korea