Fans Can’t Believe T-ara Hyomin’s Mother Called Her Chubby And Told Her To Exercise

“I’ve never seen Hyomin look chubby in my life.” — Netizen

T-ara‘s Hyomin just took to Instagram to reveal a shocking screenshot of a message she received from her mother telling her to exercise more.

| @hyominnn/Instagram

Hyomin captioned the post,

Mom, I’m in the clear this time since it’s not TV, right?

— Hyomin

| @hyominnn/Instagram

And in the shared screenshot, Hyomin’s mother texted her,

Next time, exercise before you go on TV. You look a bit chubby on screen.

— Hyomin’s Mother

| @hyominnn/Instagram

In contrast to her mother’s worries, Hyomin is known as an idol with a stellar figure in the Korean entertainment industry.

Her profile describes her as 167 centimeters and 46 kilograms, which is much below the average.

| @hyominnn/Instagram

While it’s nothing new for mothers to worry about their daughters out of love, fans still can’t believe this is even a concern of Hyomin’s mother.

  • She looks chubby on screen???
  • I’ve never seen Hyomin look chubby in my life.
  • Her mother is so strict.
| @hyominnn/Instagram

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