T-ara Jiyeon and Jung Joon Young reportedly in relationship, denied by MBK Entertainment

Jiyeon and Jung Joon Young are reportedly in a relationship, according to an insider report. However, MBK Entertainment has denied the reports.

An exclusive insider report revealed that T-ara‘s Jiyeon and Jung Joon Young are currently dating. The report reveals that they have been a couple for 1 month now and with witnesses revealing that the couple do not hide from the public while on their dates.

The two of them share many common interests and began dating after talking about music together. The report goes on to discuss how they often share how they are feeling about music and entertainment together.

However, Jiyeon’s agency, MBK Entertainment, immediately denied the relationship and released a statement in response.

“They are not dating. We’ve known about this for a while since there were rumors about it. Jiyeon meets up with people she’s close to and one of them is Jung Joon Young.”

— MBK Entertainment

Source: Sports Chosun