T-ara Jiyeon Cancels Solo Comeback Because Of Hwayoung

Following previous reports of Jiyeon’s solo comeback, MBK Entertainment just announced that Jiyeon‘s comeback preparations have been suspended indefinitely.

Jiyeon was busy preparing for her solo comeback after a 3-year hiatus, however, a report from Star News revealed that due to the recently re-emerged situation regarding T-araHwayoung, Hyoyoung, and Areum, they will be delaying her solo comeback.

One representative from MBK Entertainment confirmed this, saying,

“It is true that we have delayed Jiyeon’s solo album release. We believe this is not the correct time to release an album. We are willing to take our time and wait as currently, there seems to be a lot more interest in things others than music.”

MBK Entertainment

After revelations from a former T-ara manager confirmed that the bullying scandal was all a lie. MBK Entertainment in this statement is saying that they did not want to incite misunderstandings that Jiyeon was piggy-back off of the heightened public interest in T-ara.

Incase you missed it, catch up on everything that happened between T-ara and their former members below:

Source: Star News, Tenasia