Former T-ara Member Soyeon Talks About Her Departure From Show “Miss Back”

“It doesn’t feel right”

Former T-ara member Soyeon recently made headlines for quitting variety program Miss Back. She finally revealed the reason behind her departure.

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Previously, Soyeon announced her withdrawal from the variety program Miss Back, garnering the attention of netizens. Soyeon was one of 8 former girl group members who would compete on the show. The show’s purpose is to reintroduce members of girl groups who have been forgotten back into the industry. The members will compete for a chance to earn ownership of songs that will be released throughout the show.

On the October 29th episode of the show, Soyeon personally revealed the reason behind her departure from the show. She stated:

Of course I have gone through hardships during my career. However, I found out about the hardships and pain that my dongsengs went through. They were far worse and I can’t imagine what that was like for them. Knowing what I know, it doesn’t feel right for me to take this opportunity away from them.


Her kindhearted gesture is being received well by netizens. While viewers will miss her on the show, she wants everyone to focus on the remaining girls and their potential futures.

I hope that they all find their life changing song through this show. Please support the 7 remaining girls.



Source: Korea Daily and Tistory