Areum begs reporters to stop leaking her photos, says she feels like dying

Former T-ara member Areum went to Instagram to take back her ‘thank you’ message to a reporter, clarifying that she was being sarcastic.

When a former staff member of T-ARA leaked messages between Hwayoung‘s sister, Hyoyoung, and Areum, reporters began focusing their attention on Areum. The messages revealed that Hyoyoung had threatened to slice Areum in the face and more.

In response, Areum uploaded a post on Instagram with the lyrics of a song and the following caption:

“I have endured so much. Everything aside I want to thank the reporter who uploaded my past picture. I hope we do meet. I don’t know but if you’re reading this reporter-nim. Fighting ^^ Let’s all pretend nothing happened today and cheer up! ^^”

— Areum

It seemed clear to most that she was referencing the leaked photo of the KakaoTalk conversation. But now, it appears that this was not the intention of Areum.

Earlier today, she posted another long message on her Instagram denying that she was referring to the incident of T-ARA and Hwayoung. She took back the ‘thank you’ and revealed the post was made in jest and anger, not happiness. 


“After leaving the group in 2013, I have been quietly walking this path [alone]. Why would you write such scary reports about me… I had such a hard time forgetting things… the pictures that caused people [to call me] twisted and scary even thought I was so young back in 2013… why are you trying to use me again.

When I said ‘I want to thank the reporter who uploaded my past picture’ it was me sarcastically criticising reporters who were using me…I am sorry for causing such confusion.

The words ‘I hope we do meet soon’ meant ‘The pictures bring up such hurtful memories that you wouldn’t even begin to understand and it makes me feel like I’m dying. Why would you use me in such a way. I am going to sue you soon. I hope we meet in court soon’

I am hanging in there by a very very thin thread thanks to family, friends and the thankful fans who are consoling me telling me it’s going to be okay…  Please… stop writing those things about me… Please stop throwing stones to kill this little frog who hasn’t even had a chance to leap… Please…. just consider it that you’re saving a life and delete them. I beg of you.

When I said ‘I don’t know but if you’re reading this reporter-nim. Fighting ^^’ I meant to say, ‘How tough your life must be when you have to use such weak people to feed yourself’.

I said ‘Let’s all pretend nothing happened today’ but I cried as if I would stop breathing… Even the words of consolation hurt me. I wanted to however, end things on a brighter note so I said ‘Cheer UP! ^^’ and that’s where the confusion came from..

I realise that I have caused some confusion so as this post [will be] my last, I will not upload anything else that reminds anyone of what happened during those days… I will understand and forgive so please… even if it was a misunderstanding please take them down…”

– Former T-ARA Member, Areum

The picture in the post is a screen shot of the song “Let’s Leave” by Epitone Project and the word bolded also says ‘Let’s Leave’

After leaving T-ARA in 2013, Areum suffered attacks from haters who called her crazy and even possessed due to the photos and videos she uploaded on Instagram. The photos were selfies of her in extremely strange positions and styles. She uploaded videos of herself as if she were talking to ghosts, with makeup running down her face at times and overall looking as if she was “possessed” as some Netizens said.

She had since deleted the old Instagram and re-opened a new one, which she currently uses.

It seems however that some reporters were posting about her old pictures in order to capitalize off her name trending on multiple Korean search engines, after the Hwayoung and Hyoyoung incident.

Koreaboo did not upload the photos as reference to respect Areum’s wishes.