Tactician Kwon Might Finally Be Redeeming Himself In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Are we falling for Kwon Min Woo now too?!

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While we’ve been falling for the entire ensemble cast in ENA‘s first-ever hit K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo

From left: Joo Jong Hyuk, Kang Ki Young, Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, and Ha Yoon Kyung in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” poster.

Everyone agrees that “Tactician” Kwon Min Woo (Joo Jong Hyuk) is the worst character.


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He serves as the main antagonist in Woo Young Woo’s (Park Eun Bin) life.

Park Eun Bin (left) and Joo Jong Hyuk (right) in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” | ENA

Yet, he just might be redeeming himself, after all…


In Episode 9, Woo Young Woo is trying to progress her relationship with Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh). She even resorts to traditionally “gentlemanly” actions, hoping that being especially nice to him would work. In the end, he is just confused until she confesses that she likes him again.

| ENA via Netflix

Lee Jun Ho hesitates to respond, concerned about what is to come next after they start dating. He ends up venting to Kwon Min Woo, who is also his roommate, without specifying who the woman in question is.

Nevertheless, Min Woo encourages him to take action, realizing Jun Ho is in love.

ENA via Netflix

Finally, with Min Woo’s words of advice, Jun Ho takes action, runs to Young Woo, and confesses to her that he likes her too!

Viewers are applauding Min Woo, saying he “finally did something right.” Thanks to him, our ship is setting sail!


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Now, some of us might just be on the verge of simping over Kwon Min Woo. Hey, we were already for the rest of the cast.


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Besides, this wasn’t the one and only time that Kwon Min Woo displayed some heart during Episode 9. He also joined in attempting to make the kids laugh.


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There’s hope for Tactician Kwon just yet!

Read more about the actor who plays Kwon Min Woo below.

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