Taecyeon Exposes Sasaengs Harassing Him And His Fellow 2PM Members

He is asking for help.

2PM‘s Taecyeon has taken to his personal social media accounts to try and get assistance in having his harassers stop bothering him.

The screenshots of the e-mails sent contained vulgar language directed towards his groupmates.

To Wooyoung: You fucker.

To Wooyoung: You have no work to do? Lololololololol

To Junho: Fuck you.

To Junho: Fucker

Taecyeon released a second set of screenshots, also showing how the sasaengs are targeting him too, and they even know his personal information.

Similar types of messages were sent to Taecyeon, including more vulgar language, and exposed another email address, hyoro.w@docomo.ne.jp.

Lee Junho, this punk. Lee Junho needs to go to the hospital lololololololol.

I know your (Taecyeon) phone number and address!!!!!!

Title: Ok Taecyeon Fuck

I was just letting you know of a danger, why lololololol did you block me lolololol fuck you.

Taecyeon recently was discharged from the military and is currently planning his comeback work. He left JYP Entertainment back in July 2018 and joined 51K, but promised to continue as part of 2PM.