Taecyeon Reveals He Turned Down This Top Girl Group’s Offer To Visit Him In The Military

He turned them down multiple times for this reason.

2PM Taecyeon was officially discharged from the army today after he successfully finished his military duties.


During an interview, a reporter asked him who he wanted to see most while he was serving. He immediately responded that he wanted to see his younger label-sisters, TWICE!


TWICE was actually supposed to come visit him as they offered multiple times to take time out of their hectic schedule to see him. However, he turned them down every time!


He revealed that he had to turn them down because he was too busy fulfilling his role as an assistant trainer.

I really wanted to see TWICE. They offered to come but I was an assistant teacher in the army so our schedules didn’t line up and I had to turn them down a lot.

It’s very regretful.



Although he wasn’t able to meet them while he was serving, he will most definitely have lots of opportunities to meet his younger sisters now that he’s been discharged!

Source: Ilgan Sports