Taemin’s Sneaky Attempt At “Music Bank” Turned Into An Embarrassingly Awkward Mess

The cameramen caught him right away.

SHINee‘s Taemin proved once again how he can be so different on stage and off stage during the recent episode of Music Bank.

Taemin exuded charisma and sexiness during his performance for “Want”!


But during the ending ceremony, Taemin showed off his completely different, dorky side!


As soon as the hosts said goodbye, Taemin suddenly jumped out as he hopped towards the exit.


He tried to be sneaky and leave the stage early but was caught by the cameramen and staff!


Apparently he was scolded for his hilarious attempt as he sulked back up on stage.


But he soon made his successful exit as he escaped when the cameramen panned away from him for a split moment!


How could one person be so charismatic yet so dorky?!


Fans were humored by Taemin once again as they joked about his sneaky-escape-turned-awkward-mess.


Watch Taemin try to sneak off in the video below:


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