SHINee’s Taemin Talks About The Hypocrisy Of The Public When It Comes To Idols’ Weights

He called them out.

SHINee’s Taemin has always been on the slim side. Even though he’s been known to eat plenty, he did not seem to be gaining any weight!

Despite his reputation for being one of the slimmest male K-Pop idols, Taemin shocked fans when he appeared on a live stream one day with chubbier cheeks than usual. The live stream was after he had been discharged from the army. Through the army, many idols experience a change in their body constitution or weight due to the change in lifestyle.

Taemin during the live stream. | theqoo

His weight gain gained lots of attention online. During a recent episode of SHINee’s 15m, the star talked about the reaction to his weight gain. He called out the public for their hypocrisy!

According to Taemin, many people were buzzing about his face after the weight gain.

It surprised him because when he was slim, many told him to gain weight instead.

But when he actually did, there were people who did not like it either!

Fans were heartbroken to hear his thoughts on the matter.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Who said that…
  • Taemin is cute even with weight on, so it was fine… Taemin, ignore those stuff.
  • No, those people are so weird. You can gain weight. That’s normal.
  • People are pretty without weight gain… (Not just him, but everyone…)
  • Taemin, you’re cute no matter what.
  • He was cute though…
  • Honestly, he’s right. Everyone says idols can gain some weight but when they really do, they hate it.
  • I think all celebrities will feel this way. When they gain weight, they’re told to lose it, and when they do, people sh*t about how skinny they are.
  • Celebrities really have it hard. Taemin, ignore all that crap.

The life of a celebrity is indeed hard, with so many eyes on you! Thankfully, Taemin does not seem to be severely affected by the hypocrisy of the public.

Source: Theqoo