Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Brother Proves He’s True Family With A Savage Comment On Her Comeback Concept Photos

Are you like this with family too?

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon recently made a comeback with “INVU”. The song is one with gorgeous themes inspired by gods and goddesses. Taeyeon looks absolutely beautiful.

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She received lots of encouraging comments from her various friends such as fellow member Sooyoung.

INVU is out tomorrow.

— Taeyeon


I’m waiting.

— Sooyoung

But the true comment that took the cake was from her older brother. Her older brother is well-known to fans of Girl’s Generation. He’s been supportive of Taeyeon for a long time since her debut. His comment on her concept photos proved that you can’t fool blood.

Taeyeon’s brother hilariously made a reference to an RPG game, Lineage W.

I want to play Lineage.

— Taeyeon’s brother

He had drawn comparisons between her and the game character. They both share elven ears and blond hair!

Could the concept for “INVU” have been inspired by folklore like Lineage? Regardless, his out-of-the-blue, hilarious comment proved they’re truly siblings.

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