Neuropsychology Doctor Claims Taeyeon’s Post About Depression Was A “Brave Cry For Help”

He revealed how her fans can make the important difference.

Taeyeon recently confessed through an Instagram story Q&A that she’s struggling with depression. She revealed that she’s been sick and has been receiving treatments for depression.

Q: Are you suffering from bipolar disorder?

Taeyeon: No, I’m suffering from depression. I’m trying my best to fight it through medication. Whether it’s bipolar disorder or depression, please don’t look down on it with disgust like some people. We’re all patients with an illness.


A neuropsychologist, Dr. Son Suk Han, revealed that Taeyeon was making a “brave cry for help” and that her post should not be taken lightly.

It was a very brave cry for help. It’s very often for celebrities to not seek treatment or stop treatments for depression because of the negative view and stereotypes society has on mental illnesses.

— Dr. Son


He claimed that it was crucial for her fans to act fast and show their support. As mental illnesses are generally still viewed negatively in Korean society, it’s important for Taeyeon to feel the love and support from her fans before the malicious commenters attack her further.

The fans’ reactions are very important in this situation. She took the courage to confess the struggles she’s facing with her illness and seek help. But if she’s faced with malicious comments, it can worsen her symptoms and have an even more negative effect.

Depression is something that can effect celebrities and non-celebrities alike. It’s time to encourage and comfort them instead of judging them for it.

— Dr. Son


As fans continue to shower Taeyeon with their everlasting love, she will hopefully regain her strength back soon!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang

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