Taeyeon To Hold A Special Exhibition To Celebrate Release Of New Album

Taeyeon will be resuming activities for her new album!

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has confirmed that her album, Purpose, will be released on October 28 at 6PM KST.


A timeline was posted on Twitter that revealed the order in which her teaser and highlight clips would be released before the actual album release.

From October 22 to October 27, she will be holding an exhibition titled [PURPOSE: THE EXHIBIT], which is a curated selection of images from her second album, Purpose, at the Gana Art Hannam. The exhibition will will be divided into three sections to showcase herself as a vocalist, artist, as well as diverse aspects of herself.

The same exhibition will also be held in Busan from October 23 to October 27 at the YES24@F1963.

Take a look at her highlight clips #1 and #2!

Previously, Taeyeon announced that she would postpone her album promotions due to the tragic news of Sulli’s passing.

Source: munhwa

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