Taeyeon And IU Halt All Promotions And Postpone Their New Album Comebacks In Light Of Sulli’s Passing

They were best friends with Sulli.

Taeyeon and IU were both scheduled to begin promotions for their upcoming albums respectively. They had originally scheduled for teasers to drop all along this week, but they’ve halted all promotions and postponed their album release in light of Sulli‘s passing.


SM Entertainment announced that they will be postponing all album promotions for Taeyeon’s “TAEYEON VOL. 02 PURPOSE” that was scheduled to drop on October 22.

The contents release for ‘TAEYEON VOL. 02 PURPOSE’ that was scheduled for October 15 will be released after we reconfirm a new schedule.

We ask for the fans’ generous understanding.

— SM Entertainment


Taeyeon and Sulli were close friends even before their debuts as they trained and lived together in the same dorm as trainees. They frequently supported each others’ careers throughout the years as well.


IU’s agency also announced that her upcoming album, “IU 5th Mini-Album Love poem”, will be delayed. All promotional scheduled have been halted and they will be releasing new dates in the near future. IU’s new album was originally scheduled to release on November 1.

We are halting all pre-release content promotions for IU’s 5th mini-album ‘Love poem’. We will make a new announcement about the schedule and other news later on.

We ask the fans who have been waiting a long time for her new album to understand the current circumstance.

We express our condolences to [Sulli] and may she rest in peace.

— Kakao M


IU and Sulli are famous for their close relationship. Sulli was even a muse to one of IU’s popular tracks, “Peach”, where IU wrote the song while envisioning Sulli from a male’s perspective.


Taeyeon and IU’s album release dates will be announced by their respective agencies in the near future. Until the two artists are ready, prayers go out for their loss.

Source: Biz Enter and Newsen

Sulli's Passing