Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reacted to Her “Weekend” Music Video Being Leaked

She was just as surprised as we were!

Taeyeon recently released her “Weekend” music video, but some fans got a preview of the video even before the music video’s teaser was released!

During her July 6 live broadcast, Taeyeon confirmed the snippet of the “Weekend” video that aired on KBS on July 3 was a leak.

Taeyeon during her recent livestream | SMTown/VLIVE

After an episode of the variety show Mr. House Husband 2, a 20-second clip of Taeyeon’s music video aired causing K-netizens to speculate whether the clip was intended to promote “Weekend” or a leak.

 “On KBS…after a variety show, my music video started playing. So I wondered is this possible? And it was leaked.”



| @309TYVOICE/TwitterImage

Although Taeyeon was surprised her video leaked, she decided to put a positive spin on the leak. “I just thought that everyone got a chance to listen to my new song,” she said.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the full “Weekend” video here!

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